Hiking Registration

Climbing (Including Hiking) Registration

Submission of a mountain climbing (Including Hiking) registration is mandatory for climbing.

Please Submit to one of following ;
Prefectural Police Headquarters, Regional Division.
Any KOBAN police station in any of those jurisdictions.
Any trailhead box.

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climbing registration form

Important notice to avoid mountain accident

Please make a careful plan based on your experience, skills and physical fitness.
Enroll in homeland insurance for hiking, mountaineering and climbing.
Please submit, without fail, the mountain climbing registration form.
Please keep in mind the concept of “leaving early and arriving early” without straining yourself. Please also remember to be fully equipped with necessary outfit including helmets etc.
Be reminded that climbing alone will increase potential risks.
Please prepare yourself, mentally and physically, before starting to climb.
Team leaders need to guide their members in the safest and most appropriate manner.
Please check the latest forecast before you go. The weather on the mountains changes rapidly.
Be aware of and avoid avalanche-prone areas. Please also bring avalanche transceivers or avalanche beacons which will save your life when an avalanche hits the area.
Fumarole of volcanoes and hollows in the exhalation areas are dangerous emitting a high concentration of gas.