Rules and manners

=Before climb  mountain=

Please submit the climbing registration.

Let’s climb the mountain after isuue the mountain insurance for climbing.

Let’s climb after doing the initial story.

Let’s investigate the police station that has jurisdiction over the mountain climbing.

Let’s be careful because the weather changes easily in Japanese mountains.


=When you walking…=

Keep walking on the walking trail.

When raising falling rocks and seeing, let ‘s caution and call out”raku”.

Let’s arrive at your destination by around 2 PM.

Check on restrooms in advance.

Take all garbage home.

The ascending has the right of way on a slope. But let’s respond flexibly according to circumstances.

Do not hunt animals and plants, and do not take stones home with you.

Do not feed wild animals and even if you see valuable animals, please do not chase or raise out loud.

Do not touch it as it has poisonous plants and mushrooms.

The bear who lives in Honshu, it is cowardly and rarely attacks people, but let’s be careful as it may be aggressive at times of encounter and with Cubs.

Brown bear inhabiting Hokkaido may strike people with rough personality. Let’s follow the local rules.

Do not walk after sunset.


=Mountain hut=

There is a national park protected by law in Japan, and camping outside the designated place can not be done.

Reservation is not necessary for the mountain hut.

Most huts pay the fee at reception.

It is common for mountain huts not to accept payment in the form of credit cards and other payment cards.

There are no bathing facilities in the hut.

When crowded, let’s cooperate and be comfortable.

It will extinction from 8 to 9 pm, so let’s keep the headlamp on the bedside.

After extinction, please go to bed or try to stay quiet.

When departing a hut, please do not mistake other climbers bags and shoes.

It is rare to meet the theft, but please keep valuables with you at all times.

You can buy various things at the mountain hut, but it is normal to be more expensive than in town.

The fire inside the hut is strictly prohibited. If you use a stove, please do in the designated place.



Transceivers can not be used. In Japan, use is restricted by radio law.

If an injury or accident occurs, if you find it, let’s contact the police station in your jurisdiction or the nearest hut.

Let’s possess a mobile phone. In the mountainous areas of Japan, it is an effective tool because the area where the call is available is wide.

There is no need to report after the climb mountain.


For detail, see the following:
“Rules and manners in National Park”
Ministry of the Environment
Government of Japan